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Reduce Workplace Stress with Proper Equip and space

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PostPosted: Mon Aug 20, 2007 10:19 am    Post subject: Reduce Workplace Stress with Proper Equip and space Reply with quote

Do you have everything you need to do your best work? If not, these steps can help you assess the problem abd make your case.


* What's the problem ? - Problems with workspace or equipment vary. For some people, privacy and noise reduction is important. For others the problem may be one of ergonomics - either the desk is too high or too low or the chair is not comfortable.

* Is there anything you can do to solve the problem yourself ?- For example, if noise is a problem, wearing earplug or listening to music by headphones may be the best solution.

* What are your options ? - If you do a better of providing customer service online or by telephone when its calm and quiet, could you work in an area that is less chaotic or even from home, rather than in a noisy office?

* What do you expect your supervisor to do ? - Be realistic. If you work in a cubicle or share an office and you would prefer a private corner office with windows, you have probably set your expectations too high.


* Ask for what you need. - Whenever you need something , be sure and share with your supervisor why you need it. perhaps a new piece of equipment or software will help get the job done faster or lead to fewer on the job injuries.

* Put it in writing. - For example, write a memo or send an email to your boss explaining why you need a software upgrade. Be specific. Explain how it will affect your productivity and whether it will save money in the long run or allow you to provide a new service.

* Do your research. - Using the same example, determine the cost of the software upgrade. Include it in your request. Find out if what you are requesting in state of teh art or the industry standard.

* Present all teh options. - Your manager will aapreciate your thoroughness and you increase your chances of having at least on option selected.

* Enlist an ally. - If you have a specific health concern that affects yoru ability to do yoru job, enlist support from employee health services, your family , doctor or both.


Dont expect your supervisor to grant a non essential resource overnight. But just because you dont get what you need immediately does not mean you supervisor would not put it in next year budget. And dont take it personally of your request is denied. Its not about you. More than likely its about the budget. Ask tactfully why the request was denied, if you can. This information will be helpful if you try again. Also, ASk if yoru supervisor havea ny thoughts about other possible solutions. Finally, dont give up. If the need presists, you may want to make the request again. In the meantime, continue to nurtune a strong working relationship with yoru supervisor. Let your manager know what you need but be patient and positive . Business strategies and priorities change as do management personel.
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