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PostPosted: Sat Sep 22, 2007 9:51 am    Post subject: STAY OUT OF PRESSURE Reply with quote

4 stress reduction tools to keep your cool even
1. Stress is everywhere - First of all, what you need to do is put it firmly in your mind that stress happaned ! Whether it's good or bad stress, coming from within yourself or from other peole and places, it completely depends on how you process teh stress that ultimately determins how it will end up affecting you. Cultivating acceptance can help immensely.

2. Right here, right now - Next, is to focus on the present time. Why? Its because you can be alert to stressful energy and deal with it accordingly. You will also be able to face the stress head on before it turns into another tension headache or sleepness night. One thing that helps you stay mindful of focusing on the present is to practice, practice and practice. Be mindful of how your body moves, what you see and what you hear. Use all of your sense to experience everything that is around you at all time.

3. Stress hot spot - the third step is to make a list of you "stress Hot spot". Perhaps its trying to get ready for your day, especially if you're getting children to school and significant others off to work. Maybe its rush hour where things are the most chaotic and apt to take you out of your Happy Place. After you have made the list, post some reminder signs around your house or office to keep you aware or what you're working towards. This will help improve your stress level and peace of mind!

4. Stop being judgement - The last step is to release being judgmental. For example, that excruciatingly show driver probably isnt really a burn out to ruin your life. They might be having any number of personal crisis situations going on. You never really know what going on in other people lives and most likely they're not thinking about what going on in your life either. Think about when you have been the most challenged in your own life and how wonderful it would feel if others gave you patience and understanding. Maybe you can teach those others a lessonby being the patient , understanding one first. You will feel more control of yourself and your day as well.
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